The magic of numbers

de kubus van metatron en de negen symbolen Smart-Rhythm is a basic framework of universal principles which offers inspiration in your present situation in life and makes use of centuries-old knowledge in the fields of numerology, chakras and symbolism. Though we use systems and principles derived from various religious and cultural backgrounds, the site, nor our work, is tied to any religion or specific faith. It is for everyone who wishes to find their natural rhythm in life, in spite of background, cultural or religious convictions. It brings you closer to yourself and therefore people closer to each other. That is what drives us to do this work.

Universal principles

Universal principals tell us how things work in the universe. It concerns laws that have worked in harmony since the dawn of time to create worlds and universes. Universal means that they are active at all levels of reality and can be applied without exception to anything and anybody, always and everywhere. Whether you like it or not, these laws have been immutable as long as the universe has existed.

Universal principles, or energies, represented by symbols or numbers (depends on your settings.) in Smart-Rhythm, appear in every imaginable form in your life. As you, as a human being, has received free will, you can choose for living in line with these principles, or oppose them, consciously or unconsciously. By living in harmony with these principles you live in harmony with yourself, your environment and nature all around you.

natuurlijke groei

The law of rhythm and cyclic movement

Everything is constantly changing. All we know is submitted to a certain rhythm of coming and going. There are many cyclic movements, some circle longer than others. These repetitive movements are not merely a repetition of the same old story but cycles of development and renewal. Growth does not occur in a linear pattern but rather in a spiral formed process. Just like development does not happen gradually. They manifest themselves through chaotic periods which in itself create the terms and conditions by which radical changes are made possible.

Since humans are an integrated part of everything we are also subjected to this spiral orientated evolutionary process. The more you are capable of recognizing your rhythmic waves these spiral formed developments provoke -and that's what Smart-Rhythm is about- the more you are able to consciously go with the flow. This will create a safe feeling of support in this process.

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Numerology is the study of numbers and their meaning. It does not foretell the future, it only provides a better insight into yourself and the course of your life. The essential numbers are determined by your date of birth and the letters of your birth name. The numbers in your life are not something coincidental, they are part of the path and plan of your life. Every man has a unique system of numbers that serves as a guide, without exercising strict control.

Smart-Rhythm converts words and dates into numbers. However, in this case these numbers do not stand for a particular quantity, but for a combination of immaterial qualities and powers. These powers are like the wind: you do not see them but everything around you makes you aware of their presence. Smart-Rhythm helps you become conscious of those energies.

By linking those energies to daily occurances, you practice your insight and overview skills. If you have developed those skills to a certain level you will be less likely to be overwhelmed by negative external influences.

natuurlijke groei


Besides your senses your body has receiving stations that are even more sensitive: the chakras. A chakra is a centre of activity that receives life-force energy, attunes it and emits it. It is a spinning field of activity that flows through the major parts of your spine. It is through this that you receive universal energies. If you live in harmony with the universal principles, your chakras will function at their best.

Our body has seven primary chakras which are positioned along the spine from its bottom to the top. Together with chakras 8 and 9, which can be found around the body, they form the 'rainbow bridge' between cosmos and earth. Each chakra is connected to our bodily functions and character traits.

If all chakras can spin freely, the energy flows and body and mind function as one whole. If you are unable to act from what you feel inside, a chakra will be blocked. So, ensure that the energy can flow through each chakra to prevent physical, emotional and mental problems. Your balance will become better and better.


Smart-Rhythm`s goal is: free your mind, know your flow. Our society makes you believe that you are your brains. Our starting point is that your brains are a tool, and, consequently, not meant to decide your life. To recognize your true self you must go beyond the brains. That is the reason why the universal principles are represented in symbols to speak directly to your essential being.